A Clean House

Its amazing how busy we become in our everyday lives. We wake up, go to work or do our chores, have dinner, go to sleep, and wake up to repeat it all over again. There are often times where it all blurs together and we forget that there is so much life to live in between the daily grind. As much as we wold like to throw our chores to the wind and say “oh I’ll clean tomorrow; I want to live for today!”. The truth of the matter is, if we do not keep up with our daily lives, that is when it all blurs together. For example, if instead of doing a little bit of cleaning through out the week, by the time the weekend gets here your house is so cluttered that it will take the whole two days to get it put back together.

I struggle with this on the daily. Right now, as I’m sitting here writing this, I know I have a pile of dishes that need to be taken care of. Do I feel like cleaning as of this moment? No, that is why I am procrastinating and writing for you instead. Would I be able to enjoy my hobby more if I just busted it out real quick ? Yes, I know I would, because it wouldn’t be looming in the background and my mind would be at peace. So why as humans do we choose to put off such simple little tasks that in the end didn’t cost much time or effort to accomplish?

This is where our lifestyle comes in handy. My husband leads by example, he tries to maintain a neat and orderly space in our home and so I am expected to do the same. Seeing as I am the one who is home the most and as the lady of the household, it is my job to be sure that the house stays organized. My husband provides so much for my family and this is my contribution. When the house is clean we all feel better.

Obviously there are days where the chores don’t get done and most days my husband agrees with my reasonings as to why. But, there are those days where he does not and he believes that I was being lazy and 99% of the time he is correct. By him calling me out on it I am able to come face to face with reality. I am unable to sit there and lie to myself to allow more procrastination. Instead, I am forced to face the truth. This creates a drive in me. I submitted to him. I gave myself to him and so I want to give the best of myself.

On the days that I don’t give the best of myself I receive a “punishment”. This could be anything from being left to clean in silence, giving him a foot massage, giving a blowjob until he says stop, receiving a spanking, etc. Our range of what we like to do when a situation arises is vast and it changes often. We both acknowledge when a punishment is needed and it is carried out in a safe, loving, and trusting environment. Depending on the nature of the punishment it is usually received at night. When the house is quiet. We pull the blinds, lock the doors, and create a secret and sacred space that only the two of us share together.


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